E*Cinema Academy 2013/14


E*Cinema Academy is a year series in EYE presenting exciting, moving and radical experiments in film. It is a meeting place for anyone interested in film as an art form. One half of the series follows a historical path, with highlights from the avant-garde, as well as films made by visual artists. The other half is curated by art academies and universities that are responding to the current interests and needs of film as an audiovisual art form. There is no venue in the Netherlands that screens the canon of experimental film on a regular basis, yet EYE is able to fill this void, thanks to its extensive private collection and its partnerships with other international film archives.
Each programme will begin with a lecture, music, or short performance, and will be followed by a discussion.

2013-2014 year program:

• 10 sept h 19.00 cinema 2 “E*cinema meets Fellini” (by EYE).
• 17 sept h 19.15 cinema 3 “Absolute Film and Dada Cinema” (by EYE).
• 1 oct h 19.15 cinema 2 “Cinema as Mind” (by UvA-PhD).
• 15 oct h 19.15 cinema 3 “Man with a Movie Camera ” (by Utrecht University).
• 29 oct h 19.15 cinema 4 “Found Footage -Forgasz, Ennik, Girardet, Mik” (by EYE).
• 12 nov h 19.15 cinema 4 “Surrealism” (by EYE).
• 26 nov h 19.15 cinema 4 “The Eye and the Ear” (by Royal Academy of Art, The Hague).
• 10 dic h 19.15 cinema 4 “Play of Light, Leap over the Ocean”.
• 7 jan h 19.15 cinema 4 “Filmpoezie: Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage” (by EYE).
• 21 jan h 19.15 cinema 4 “Fragmentation and Feedback loops” (by HKU en UvA).
• 4 feb h 19.15 cinema 4 “Beat cinema (1950s/60s)“ (by EYE).
• 18 feb h 19.15 cinema 4 “In & Out of Japan” (by Julian Ross).
• 4 mar h 19.15 cinema 4 “Famous for Fifteen Minutes (1960s)” (by EYE).
• 18 mar h 19.15 cinema 4 “STRANGER THAN FICTION” (by AKV St. Joost Academy).
• 08 apr h 19.15 cinema 4 “MAN [MADE GODS] AND COMMUNICATION” (by Department of Man and Communication of Design Academy Eindhoven).
• 29 apr h 19.15 “Film Co-op: a special program about and with John Smith” (by John Smith).
• 13 may h 19.15 “Departure and Absence“ P&P by UvA and the Audiovisual Department of the Rietveld Academy.
• 27 may – 3 june Gustav Deutsch’s focus (3 june – masterclass “Visions of Reality” with the artist).
• 10 jun Dutch artists’ films 1955-2014 (by EYE).


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