E*cinema and Fellini!

This is an unusual combination of our E*cinema program (experimental film screenings) and the oeuvre of Federico Fellini, one of the biggest authors of modern cinema, and one of my favourite Italian masters!

“Il viaggio di G.Mastorna” is the much-desired and long-planned film by Fellini. It meant to tell the story of a clown in tournée, who accidentally lands in some nordic and bleary country and begins his Fellinian adventure into the underworld. Unfortunately, this troubled work was never finished as Fellini died before its realization.
Also “Viaggio con Anita” was a film scripted by Fellini (in collaboration with Pier Paolo Pasolini!) but then sold to some producers and eventually directed by Mario Monicelli. After some years Fellini confessed: “The best script I ever wrote was called ‘A journey with Anita’. My greatest regret is that I never made that film.”

10 sept h 19.15 EYE will screen two experimental films, which are inspired by Fellini’s visionary poetry and by the scripts and unrelized shoots of Mastorna’s and Anita’s stories.
I found these trailers online which briefly show the diversity of these two inspirations: one is a double screen projection presenting two parallel Fellinian worlds made of found footage and film fragments in different colors, while the second one is a piece based on the events of the Fellinian Anita and shot in 2012 in Italy.

Here the trailer of Fellini G.Mastorna by Ornamental Film/Gran Lux (FR 2007):

and the trailer for Anita by Luca Magi, (IT 2012):

It’s like Fellini had never died: the ghosts of Mastorna and Anita are keeping him alive…

by Anna Dabrowska (producer of the series)


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