Dutch Filmliga presents Man with a movie camera by Dziga Vertov (15 Oct, h 19.15)

filmliga 3 filmliga2

October 15th E*cinema Academy is dedicated to the Dutch Filmliga. The Filmliga existed in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. It was established by students and artists who thought is was important to have an organisation where daring and experimental art films could be screened in an era where ‘a commercial regime, America and kitsch’ dominated the cinema.

In this program we, the students from the Utrecht University, will try to reconstruct a screening of the Filmliga. We asked ourselves how the Netherlands turned into a centre of Russian avant-garde during that period and what the impact of the Filmliga has been on Dutch cinema throughout history. Was the Filmliga the cause of an emancipation of film as art in the Netherlands? Or did the ideologies of the founders have an oppressive effect on the development of Dutch film?
By using some fragments of movies from the twenties and thirties – like The Mother, Maasbruggen and Doordeweekse dag – we will show which ideas were important to the Filmliga and how they had an impact on later movies.

Accordingly to the Filmliga tradition we are also going to show a movie that underlines the Filmliga idea – Man with a Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov. Prior to the screening we are going back in time by looking how this movie was presented to the public in advertisement en news articles. How did the Dutch newspapers review this movie and what did people find so exhilarating about the experimental way of film making of Vertov?

EYE is in possession of a newly restored version of Man with a Movie Camera (restoration by the EYE senior curator, Mark-Paul Meyer), which will be accompanied by live music, performed by the musical threesome NO|me.

Jan Lemmens [BE] – percussion
Yrjänä Rankka [FI] – contrabass
Sebastian Janusz [PL] – piano



Please find here the hand-out:
Hand Out Filmliga

(text and image research by Utrecht University students)


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