A message from Miruna Doicaru (Phd candidate at Uva): pls take part in this test.

Dear experimental film lovers,

We invite you to take part in our research about aesthetics in film. We are researchers at University of Amsterdam that want to validate an instrument for measuring aesthetic appreciation with movies. In order to reach that, we need you, film viewers to test our scale. It is very important that you, the viewers who appreciate experimental film, will be among the respondents. We are particularly interested in how your tastes and viewing experience match our scale. We hope that at least some of you would be willing to help our research.

Our study is online- this means you can just sit comfortable home, click on our link and start you empirical research ‘adventure’.

Click on this link:

What does it mean taking part in our study? You will watch three short clips ( between 2-7 minutes each, and following each of them you will be asked to answer some questions related to your viewing experience. One of the films will be experimental, the other two will belong to different genres. It is important to use different types of film, in order to generalize our scale.

The whole process of going though this study will take you 40-45 minutes of your time, but we believe, or at least hope, it’s not going to be a boring experience. In return for our participants’ time, we offer 10 awards of 80 euro each (in money). This means that at the end of the study, 10 participants will be blindly picked and they will get the money.

Relevance of this study?
Many empirical studies are interested in investigating the entrataining effect of movies. However, there are not many empirical studies focused on how art in film may affect audiences. We believe that it is important to see how aesthetic appreciation is built up in film and to find a way to effectively capture it.

In the end of the study you can have access to the full research report, and all our findings.

If you have additional questions or comments about the research, contact Miruna Doicaru: M.M.Doicaru@uva.nl.


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