Suggested reading by the EYE Film Institute Library

When you search for Andy Warhol in the EYE Film Institute Library Catalogue you get over a hundred hits. Dozens of books, articles and clippings written on the life and works of this infamous artist.

One of the founding fathers of Pop art, working with a group of like-minded souls in the illustrious Factory, Andy Warhol is mainly known for his paintings of celebrities and depictions of commercial brands.


However, the man responsible for the iconic picture of a peelable banana on the Velvet Underground album cover, also made several movies. A lot of people deem Warhol’s movies unwatchable. He, for instance, made a six-hour long movie called Sleep in which you watch a man sleeping for six hours.


The movie Empire depicts the Empire State Building shot from a distance for the duration of 8 long hours. Surprisingly enough not many people came to the conclusion that boredom might be a factor in Warhol’s reasons for creating these movies. Julian Jason Haladyn writes about the boredom of Warhol’s movies.


Andy Warhol is one of the most copied artists in the world. Innumerable reproductions and adaptations of his works can be found everywhere. British street artist Banksy gave the famed notion of ‘in the future every person will be famous for 15 minutes’ a twist with his adaptation ‘in the future every person will be anonymous for 15 minutes’. More on this subject can be found on the website by this Quote Investigator.

If you want to do some old-skool flipping through the paper pages, you are more than welcome to visit our library. You can for instance dive into Pop : the Genius of Andy Warhol by Tony Scherman and David Dalton. Or you can give The black hole of the camera : the films of Andy Warhol by J.J. Murphy a try. If you’re done with those, I promiss you there’s lots more where that came from!

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