Absence & Departure

The students of the MA in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image, Artistic Research, Film Studies and the Research Master in Art Studies at the University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with students from VAV, department of Moving Image, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, present an evening of experimental film on the themes of Absence & Departure. The programme consists of eleven short films from the students at Rietveld, as well as three specially selected 16mm films from the EYE collection. To guide you through the evening each section will be introduced with performances featuring the work of Rietveld student Ken Wolff.
Artists’ descriptions of the films are available below:

Intro: letter written by Storm Patterson and Paloma Nicolas, performed by Gant Lee


Along The Road N.5: No Rush (Ruud Monster, 1986, 16mm, sound, 6’20”)
In several series of observational short films, Ruud Monster shows us various facets of Holland and its inhabitants. Part five gives a different view of the Dutch landscape through the inventive camerawork.

Essence of Absence (Carmen Navarro Puig, 2013, digital, sound, 1’42”)
The real essence is not what you can see, hear or feel but that what is not present. The fear of experiencing with the absence of all the components has to be conquered.

Bumpers 1 (Marion Molle, 2013, digital, sound, 52”)
Some strange things are happening at the bottom of the garden. While playing on a trampoline a young man and his best friend discover the consequences of bouncing too close to the sun.
Image Image Image

 (Ebony Hoorn, 2014, digital, sound, 4’08”)
The transition of the spiritual shift from the old to the “new” consciousness.
Image Image Image

Bumpers 2 (47”)

Home: Birth of Ultrabeast (Senne Hartland, 2013, digital, sound, 1’34”)
Four blue rectangles are forced out of their safe homes and into adventure. When confronted by a powerful enemy they must team up with strangers to defeat it, reaching their full potential in the process.
Image Image

Bumpers 3 (48”)

De Slagboom / The Boom Barrier (Carlijn Fransen, 2013, digital, sound, 2’49”)
In the middle of a vast plain I transform into the object.
Image Image

Letter written by Elisa Matse, performed by Storm Patterson


INSIDEOUT (Ken Wolff, 2014, digital, sound, 3’29”)
An experimental short about living in a schizophrenic mind. People with this disease often believe things that are untrue, and may have difficulty accepting what they see as “true” reality. By manipulating time and space, I recreate this emotion in a surrealistic visual experience.
Image Image Image

Icarus (Max Kutschenreuter, 2014, digital, sound, 6’11”)
What if they could dance forever?
Flying, soaring so high
Yet why couldn’t they die together?
Drowning in the ocean, falling out of the sky.
Image Image Image

Transformation by Holding Time – Artist and His Muse (Paul de Nooijer, 1976, 16mm, sound, 2’58”)
We see a photographer taking shots with a Polaroid of a naked model on a sofa. He sticks the Polaroids progressively onto an invisible pane of glass right in front of the camera until in the end only this newly created photographic “mosaic” of the woman can be seen.

Desert of Stones (Raluca Tudorache, 2014, digital, sound, 5’42”)
The work describes a historical gap between then and now, the emptiness caused by a traumatic war experience and the resistance against forgetfulness in a world of perpetual transition to something new, unexpected, full of hope and dreams. More about the film. More about Desert of Stones.
Image Image Image

Letter written and performed by Ricci Hessling


The Boat (Marco Pando, 2009, 16mm, silent, 9’12”)
Historically, the boat exemplifies the adventure of discovery of the unknown and lost paradise. Nowadays citizens from those places that have been discovered, travel by boats in the hope for freedom in countries of the “discoverers”. As a temporary Dutch citizen I developed a collaboration project with immigrants living in The Netherlands. From the shore of the Dutch sea, as a metaphor of the discoverer’s journey and the journey of those who were discovered, the immigrants performed a walk in a shape of a boat through the city of Amsterdam and back to the sea. The narrow streets and main squares of Amsterdam represent the historical stage of past and present. More about The Boat (Marco Pando website).
Image Image

Waar ik ook ben / Wherever I Am (Kim Dijkstra, 2013, digital, sound, 4’11”)
The revelations of a wandering mind can be confusing at times. Subconsciously mixing up the future, past, present, and daydreams may lead to the realization you are not always where you think you are.
Image Image

Future Branche (Hugo Rocci, 2013, digital, sound, 2’18”)
A Parrot comes from the future to give you an advice.
You will be happier in the future.
Image Image

Zonsopgang / Sunrise (Merel van Beukering, 2014, digital, silent, 2’33”)
This recording of the sunrise arose from my fascination with the mystery of our existence. When you really see the sunrise it’s possible that you have a sublime experience. I wonder that the sunrise can give a sublime experience while it’s at the same time a really daily happening.
Image Image Image

Epilogue: extracts of a letter written by Stieg Larsson on 9th February 1977, performed by Lisandro Suriel



Absence & Departure – Hand Out

Text and image compilation: Bobbie Noë, Dana de Leeuw, Elisa Matse, Gant Lee, Ines Aisengart Menezes, Lisandro Suriel, Luisa Fernanda Ordóñez Ortegón, Paloma Nicolas, Ricci Hessling, Stevie Cattigan, Storm Patterson, Victor Pranchère.

Departure Board image – concept and creation: Stevie Cattigan.

University of Amsterdam supervisor: Manon Parry.

Gerrit Rietveld Academy supervisors: Margriet Kruyver, Mariken Overdijk, José Vonk.


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