Highlight from the EYE library

Unfortunately the EYE Film Institute Library doesn’t have a lot of literature on Gustav Deutsch, but we do have a real gem amongst the few titles.

The beautifully manufactured book Gustav Deutsch, edited by Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg and Michael Loebenstein tracks the way in which the cinema of Gustav Deutsch surpasses our common notion of film.

In addition to being a creator of found-footage films, a visual artist,an architect, a researcher, educator and archaeologist, Viennese filmmaker Gustav Deutsch also describes himself as a traveller. Henceforth it is no wonder this Austrian Jack of all trades lives by the adagium “Film is more than film”.

The editors have gathered a wide range of respected colleagues from different, but relevant fields. They all appreciate Gustav Deutsch’s work via their own specific disciplines whether they are archivists, film scholars, musicians, psychoanalysts or museum curators.

The intention of the work is ‘to chart Gustav Deutsch’s universe in a manner both specific and wide-ranging’. They succeed surprisingly well in this endeavour.

This volume is available for browsing at the EYE Film Institute Library.



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