E*Cinema Academy 10th of June – Diary films: the poetics of Super8

On the 10th of June E*Cinema Academy will be dedicated to the darling of artist’s film practice, the Super8 film, bringing together a special selection of films from different artists all shot on this format, some of which were recently preserved by EYE but rarely seen before. The evening focuses on Dutch artist Jaap Pieters, probably the best known Super8 practitioner in Holland, also known as the EYE of Amsterdam. His films are small gems of the everyday life, poetic diary films, shot from and around his apartment in Amsterdam. The evening offers a rare occasion to see Super8 films projected in its original format by the artist in person. The program includes short films by Luk Sponselee, Peter Rubin, Barbara Meter and Jean-Pierre Sens and is presented by Simona Monizza, curator of experimental film in EYE.

A performance by Caroline Ruijgrok en improvisation musician Oscar Jan Hoogland will accompany the program.

• Part 1: introduction by Simona Monizza followed by a selection of Jaap Pieters’ Super8 films projected by the artist (selection not yet known), and a short Q&A.

• Part 2: a music and spoken word performance by Caroline Ruijgrok and Oscar Jan Hoogland using the films Bereklauw (Jaap Pieters, 1992, 35mm, 3 min); Opwaaiingen (Jaap Pieters, 2009, 35mm, 3 min) and Convalescing (Barbara Meter, 2000, 35mm, 3 min) projected in new blow-up 35mm copies.

• Part 3: a selection of artist’s Super8 films restored to 16mm: Hidden Mystery (Luk Sponselee, 1988, 4 min); Walk 1 (Jean-Pierre Sens, 1991, 6 min); Browsers Welcome (Peter Rubin, 1982, 15 min).

Some extra information-links:

Grazia Ingravalle (Film PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews) interviews Jaap Pieters about his aesthetics, life, music and many anecdotes:


An interview with Fred Pelon and Jaap Pieters about their exhibition JAAP PIETERS PORTRAITS launched during the 2006 edition of the Rotterdam IFF, and the release of the documentary film JAAP PIETERS PORTRAIT (2006, 45 minutes) by Fred Pelon.

Short film on Jaap Pieters:

Link to the experimentele film in Nederland website to see or read more on Barbara Meter and Jaap Pieters: http://experimentele.filminnederland.nl/

An interview with Jaap Pieters and Simona Monizza (EYE experimental film curator) around this specific film program in EYE, but also on other facets…

Films in the program:

DE BEREKLAUW (THE HOGWEED), Jaap Pieters, 1992, 35mm, 3 min. A work on the thin borderline of photography and film, where the element ‘time’ transforms the perception of the image and challenges the spectator. Again a subtle film about the contrasts between time & space where ‘the invisible’ plays the leading role.

OPWAAIINGEN, Jaap Pieters, 2009, 35mm, 3 min. A green cloth wrapped (around) iron legs, heavily moved by a fierce wind… what does it cover, what is uncovered & what does the camera eventually disclose???

CONVALESCING, Barbara Meter, 2000, 35mm, 3 min. Convalescing (2000) was shot on one roll of super 8 at Glyn Road, Hackney, London. Editing and dissolves were done in camera using a Nikon. It is a meditation on time passing by and the perception of changing light over the course of a day. A beautiful and personal film done exploring the intrinsic properties of the Super8 medium.

HIDDEN MYSTERY, Luk Sponselee, 1988, 4 min. The film is an ode to the birth of Luk Sponselee’s daughter. WALK 1, Jean-Pierre Sens, 1991, 6 min. A walk through the dunes of Overveen, where nature prevails.

BROWSERS WELCOME, Peter Rubin, 1982, 15 min. A study in brain perception, visual image and zen. Hand-out: Hand Out super8

The program is presented and curated by Simona Monizza, the EYE curator and archivist of experimental film.


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