We start again on the 9th of September!

The new series of E*cinema academy will begin again on the 9th of September. At 19.15 h EYE will present a film program about Futurism.

Please find here some of the first ideas for the program of the upcoming academic year:

9-sep Futurism, 1910s and 1920s.
23-sep Hitchcock: Mattias Muller Johan Grimonprez.
7-oct Surrealism 20-30-ies: an homage to Luis Bunuel.
21-oct Takahiko Iimura, artist talk+performance.
4-nov 100 years Norman McLaren.
18-nov Anthony McCall: THE BODY.
9-dec Visual music and the beat generation.
20-dec Dirty Leaks by Tijmen Hauer, an E*cinema party.
6-jan Beavers/Marcopoulos, 60-ies.
20-jan HKU & UvA: representation of labour.
3-feb Film poetry:Living gods of Haiti.
17-feb KABK: forbidden glance/ found footage.
3-mar Out of my Skull, psychedelica, 70-ies.
24 mar The Netherlands Film Academy.
7-apr Wet Dreams Festival 70-ies.
21-apr St. Joost Academy.
12-may Film and video after punk, 80-ies.
26-may Rietveld Academy.
2-jun P&P students (UvA).
16-jun Ken Jacobs and 3D in early film by Christian Goswig, UvA Phd candidate.
30-jun Karin Wierz/Jacques Verbeek, UvA.


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