17 feb, KABK Researchlab: Blind Spot

Please, keep on lying to me, don’t make the room too bright too fast.
We are obliged by an unwritten contract, to create myths and images wrapped into a sequences for you to glance at in the dark.
Don’t close your eyes, avoid deliberate blindness — see between the lines.
The brain interpolates the blind spot based on information from the other eye, so, the blind spot is not normally perceived.
We had the opportunity to stare at that the blind spot of history, we met the sighted people who create it, the archivists, the curators, the film preservationists who decide what our collective blind spot will be.
A barrier that by choice we will interrupt, is it removable or is it permanent? We almost reached the limit, we sought the forbidden and when we asked for it we were told to look elsewhere.
What makes us curious, what are we afraid of? Why do we close our eyes? Why do we keep staring when we no longer can?
Whether in the depiction of the world around us, in social or political roles, or the medium itself, film is full of blind spots.
And if we are allowed to say so, we collected them for you to see..

Why men don’t leave – Sarah Abelnica
Nitrocellulose – Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou
The Bait – Flor Renzik

Over the fall of 2014 a group of students from different departments of the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague had the opportunity to work with the film collection of the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam and explore it under the of theme ‘forbidden look’, the students glanced at found footage and used it as the basis to create new work.
Spanning from performances to installations and films the students created a programme combining their own work with found footage to best reflect their explorations of taboos in the cinematic field of the avant-garde.

Work by: Sarah Abelnica,Lydia Buijs,Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou,Tanya Eftal,Sanne Glasbergen, Hans Poel,Flor Rezink and Zindzi Zweitering
Under the guidance of Anna Abrahams and Jan Frederik Groot


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