19 May, Re-action in F(ilm), Researchlab Master Photography AKV|StJoost

Point of departure of this evening is the work of Noud Heerkens. Heerkens has contributed greatly over the years to the development of Dutch (experimental) film with his works in different genres.

Heerkens is a tutor at the master photography. This year he used some of his films in a workshop to discuss artistic points of departure and cinematic principles with the students. These were the inspiration for the works the students made as a reaction or comment.


Blank_Sheets_Still Blank_Sheets_Still1

Blank Sheets, 5 min 2015

Simone Engelen, Jesse Bom and technical direction Bart Verhoeven

Simone Engelen and Jesse Boom contribute the short film Blank Sheets to this evening. The film was inspired by The Last Conversation (2009) by Noud Heerkens.

Blank Sheets shows the turning point in a relationship, when dreams come to a stand still and reality shows itself in all its imperfections. In this film different cameras create their own images simultaneously. The images are shown as a series, the viewer constructs his own story.


Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 19.48.40 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 19.54.20

Le Flaneur, 15 min 2015

Idan Brull

Following the film Limited blue (1984) by Noud Heerkens, Idan Brull created a series of short videos that describe a daily routine from the inside (the house) to the outside,(to the streets) and back. He searches for things that are of interest to him in this walk he does, the everyday events that pass us by.



Bright Light 1 Bright Light 2

Bright Light, 6 min 2015

Iebeltje van der Spoel

Iebeltje van der Spoel made Bright LIght based on the films Limited Blue and Last Conversation by Noud Heerkens: a man sits in his car in front of his ex’s house. He is unsure if he should get out and ring her bell. While time is passing by he smokes one cigarette after another and closely watches her apartment. He gets haunted by a dreamlike world in which people seem to come and go.



Pleats 1 Pleats 2

Pleats, 3 min, 2015

Verena Blok

Point of departure for this short film is the Blok’s fascination for the sculptural aspects of the body. With her camera Blok moves close to the skin, each part of the body seems to gain a certain rythm. With a 50 mm lens she concentrates on the abstract forms and materials of the contextual surroundings, showing the intimate atmosphere of someone’s life.


7 5

Perfect frame, 20 min 2015

Jacklyn Cornelisse, Simone Engelen, Mihai Gui, Anne Lucassen

Four master students try to figure out what the perfect frame would look like, as four different cameras record this process. Each of their four perspectives is revealed and manipulated as they progress through the discussion and the film. A fifth, exterior, perspective provides a solid anchor for this meta-experience that will end when the question is answered: what does the perfect frame look like? The setup and the filming will all take place on a single day and draws its main inspiration from Last Conversation (2009) providing a line of dialogue to it through the great similarity in the means employed, while also presenting a completely different experience because of its self-referential and real-life based storyline.


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