26 May, Magnify – Magnifying: Researchlab Rietveld Academy, VAV – Dept of Moving Image

Insights – installation by Martina Gudmundson – ongoing

The ‘Insights’ are positioned in sites of the hallway at the EYE Film Institute. These objects are making use of the oldest way to project an image – that of the camera obscura. Here the viewer may have a parallel cinematic experience – live and in real time.




Overflow – Performance by Marilou Stive and Mathilde Renault – 10’

This performance aims to wonder about reality and our daily rituals. How the fear of missing out interferes in our lives and social behaviour.



Mister and Misses Huis – Noé Cottencin – 4’

The story is simple: A couple decides to go on a vacation and while they look at their house in the distance, they remember the last time they left together.
In their time of wonder, Mr. and Mrs. Huis take some distance from the story. They get detached from us and the focus is given on the other characters.
” Mister and Misses Huis ” is a story written from archival documents present on the OpenBeelden. They are here taken as a base for a narration, a journey at the sea, or at the swimming pool when it’s too cold, with appearance of fashion women in the streets of Amsterdam or bathing suits men on the shore of january.




The Absolute Truth – Yasmina Ghalmi Mews – 3’

How would you react if you opened an envelope with the absolute truth in it? Is there such a thing as the absolute truth? Those questions stroke me while I was reading “The Illicit happiness of Other People” by Manu Joseph. The original story ends with a farmer who opens an envelope that contains the absolute truth and he begins to laugh hysterically. At the end, the envelope and its content have been passed around the whole world and everyone laughs about the highly anticipated absolute truth.
To me, finding out the absolute truth would be an absurd experience with the only logical reaction being a hysterical laugh.
This animation is my own interpretation of the two before-mentioned questions, inspired by this passage from the book. It made me think of those moments when we are alone and thinking about these important metaphysical questions.
That same kind of atmosphere that Edward Hopper always captures in his paintings. That feeling of isolation and transcendence is what I am trying to transmit with this animation — by zooming in from the universe and ending with something tangible or relatable like the hand of a human being.




double F for Final Fantasy – Alina Ozerova – 7’

The film is re-interpreting a touristic voyage of relatives and friends who got the permission to reach the outer folds of Iron Curtain. The 8mm camera they brought along was documenting both intimate and typical moments of the tour: street views, swimming in the lake, and incredible amount of Soviet monuments on the way.
35 years after that trip original film footage is digitized and parts of it are lost due to the time damage, not sharp focus of the original lens or digital correction side-effects. Coming from a country with a long history of repressive forgetfulness, now I might need to practice oblivion as a part of a new identity formation, as a way to get forward. This results in an experimental essay adapting touristic posters claims to highlight the unreflected episodes of the past and make a link between private history and ‘here and now’.

F for final



Hulleman – Berber Humalda – 5’

The work “Hulleman” is inspired by unrecognizable microscopic images and how these images create a world on its own. “Hulleman” is a journey that travels over a surface and explores the passing of time, alienation and the human body.




How To Dress For The End Of The World – Raluca Tudorache – 6’

The work represents a metatheatrical character, Electric Jesus, paraphrased by The Holy Spirit and accompanied by The Ephemerals, who confronts and asks for a closer look at the perpetual mutilation and recycling of beliefs in our postmodern/ postmortem society.
A world in decay is one where meaning is shifting absurdly, almost grotesquely, before the final exit into nothingness. We have to dance with the nothing, so little less conversation and little more action, please!

End of world



Wandering – Luciënne Venner – 7’

”Wandering’’ is a Short film shot in real time. It takes the viewer on journey to hit the mind of the main character. The drama unfolds elsewhere while the build-up of tension is frozen to become the memory of an event that never took place.




Fatherland – Baha Görkem Yalim – 6’

Right after the military coup was declared as finished, in the beginning of the 80’s, my grandfather got assassinated. Moving from what is left from him brings the physical and non-physical aspects to light. Using the glasses he was wearing at the time of the shooting I am trying to reconstruct a father figure. I am building a bridge from this reconstruction to self-perceiving of politics, of one’s country and one’s identity. Fatherland is a wondering about ancestrality and dislocated self.




Skinship – performance by Anna Dorota Radzimirska, Yulia Ratman and Arta Balina

The experience of the lost language of touch through the lens of cinema. The play between physical presence and live-filmed image become holistic.


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