23 June, Janica Draisma: Into the Light

This evening celebrates the launch of Janica Draisma’s new book and DVD Into the Light, a visual compendium of Draisma’s work compiled by the artist herself. Into the Light is a personal account that sheds light on several of her films and projects, reflecting her development as filmmaker, photographer and artist, the themes that are characteristic of her work and the people who inspired her.

Draisma describes her films as ‘cinematographic choreographies’ or ‘visual poems’. Especially the early 16mm films made at the Rietveld Academy are studies in choreography for camera. They are composed of body poses and movements symbolizing and expressing an emotional thrust, with an underlying narrative line to back them up. They are films without dialogue, the music is the motor.
Janica her short fiction films express a very personal universe and are characterized by a strong visual language, often telling the story without any spoken dialogues.

EYE has recently restored a number of Draisma’s films from its collection.


1. Bakbeesten Ballade  002
De Bakbeestenballade / The Ballad of the Monstrous (1987, DCP, 1min, EYE archive)
Short animation film in which a dancer is beset by a dragon. In avoiding the huge monster’s mouth, she changes into a little monster.


Dans binnen kader / Dance Within Frame (1988, DCP, 1min, EYE archive)
Short animation film in which a male and female dancer move in front of and behind a square frame using stop-motion.


3. Table Kick Piece 002
Table Kick Piece (1988, DCP, 1min, EYE archive)


Research (1988, DCP, 1min, EYE archive)
Short animation using stop-motion, in which a female dancer dances against the background of a white wall and a painting.


Skipping’ sore (1990, DCP, 2min, EYE archive)
Short animation using stop-motion, in which a male and female dancer are able to disappear in a blue box.


6. On Pointes & Boots 004
On Pointes & Boots (1990, DCP, 1min, EYE archive)
Short animation using stop-motion, in which a dancer dances in a white space until the word STOP appears on the screen.


The Blight, Ah (1991, DCP, 4min, EYE archive)
Ablaze (1991, DCP, 1min, EYE archive)


La Balayeuse (1991, DCP, 4min, EYE archive)
Short animated dance film, the first from a series about the street-sweeper Bala, is set in Paris where Bala meets a spider, a street-sweeper and a green dancer.


8. Bala II 007
Bala II (1991, DCP, 10min, EYE archive)
Short dance film with animation elements, commissioned by the 1993 Spring Dance Festival. Part two of a series about the dancing street-sweeper Bala, who rises from the sea and ends up in Holland.


10. Sonata do Mar 004
Sonata do mar (1991, 35mm, 5min)
Computer animation inspired by the poem With not-quite truth by Czeslaw Milosz. Three perform a virtual choreography on the sea. They dance on the water without being limited by gravity, physical restrictions, time or space. They are timeless and eternal. Developed in collaboration with Albert Jan van der Stel, using the computerprogram Life Forms.


11. The Wondrous 004
The Wondrous (1991, digital file, 10min)
Intimate and poetic portrait of mentally handicapped, in which movement and body language reveals their hidden universe to us, developed in collaboration with visual artist Berend Strik.


12. Over Mijn Lippen 002
Over mijn lippen / Crossing My Lips (1991, DCP, 14min)
A musical documentary with and about people who stutter, giving us insight in their unusual way of speaking.

The pilot of Draisma’s most recent production, The Secret Room, will also be screened.



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