This programme will be dedicated to Dutch filmmaker and photographer Jaap Pieters, who shoots his films only in Super 8. Jaap Pieters has been making short films since the early 1990s. These usually consist of a single shot and have the duration of a Super8 cassette, which means that they are about three and a half to four minutes long.
He films  small events and portraits of everyday life. His first films where often shot from and around his apartment in Amsterdam which gave him the nickname ‘the EYE of Amsterdam’. But in the last couple of years Jaap has picked up his camera during his travels and filmed in places where life brought him.

This programme will start with a selection of Jaap Pieters most recent work. Projected in its orginal format by the artist in person. Followed by a live performance of the jazz drummer and percussionist Han Bennink. And the evening ends with Barabara den Uyl’s documentary The Universe of Jaap Pieters.


taxi martina
Belfast Boys/Ulster Boys
Meticulous observation of traditional marking of territory around Sandy Row in Belfast.
(Jaap Pieters, 2008, Netherlands, Super 8, 7 min.)

Schweizer Dachreinigung
Observation of thorough cleaning as only the Swiss seem capable of. Beautiful lines and light determine the images while the church clock marks time’s passing.
(Jaap Pieters, 2009, Netherlands, Super 8, 3 min.)

A large digger on a strip of land separates sand from roots. The orange arm contrasts with the green surroundings, the world behind the camera visible in the…
(Jaap Pieters, 2008, Netherlands, Super 8, 7 min.)

Paris Meltdown
Diagonal composition of melting ice on a Paris roof. Sunlight plays across the glistening surface, in the water drops and the camera’s lens.
(Jaap Pieters, 2013, Netherlands, Super 8, 3 min.)

Queen St. W.
Still life of a complex street image from Toronto becomes an extremely detailed, ‘grainfest’ down to the lightest and darkest areas of the shot.
(Jaap Pieters, 2011, Netherlands, Super 8, 3 min.)


Han Bennink is a Dutch jazz drummer and percussionist. Though perhaps best known as one of the pivotal figures in early European free jazz and free improvisation, Bennink has worked in essentially every school of jazz, and is described by critic Chris Kelsey as “one of the unfortunately rare musicians whose abilities and interests span jazz’s entire spectrum.”



The Universe of Jaap Pieters
Universum van Jaap Pieters. Charming portrait of Jaap Pieters, lover of life among Super8 filmmakers, who says he lives in a world different to the one the world is in. His films reveal a fascination for society’s rough edges and the beauty of existence. He also takes a lot of photos, mostly in his own home, where time moves at its slowest.
(Barbara den Uyl, 2015, Netherlands, DCP, 47 min.)


A recent interview with Jaap Pieters by Tirza Mol (student at the UAntwerpen) and Mark-Paul Meyer (senior curator at the EYE filmmuseum):
Oeverloosheid en de bevrijdende beperking
(the interview is in Dutch only)

Short film on Jaap Pieters:

Link to the experimentele film in the Netherlands website to see or read more on Jaap Pieters: https://www.eyefilm.nl/collectie/uitgelicht/collectiedossiers/experimentele-film-in-nederland

An interview with Jaap Pieters and Simona Monizza (EYE experimental film curator) about last year’s film programme in EYE, but also on other facets…


Han Bennink and Jaap Pieters in EYE:



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