27 October h 19.15 – Johan Rijpma: Rock, Paper, Sellotape

On the opening night of the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, EYE on Art focuses on the work of the young Dutch experimental filmmaker Johan Rijpma, who explores ‘the unpredictability’ of his surroundings in short films, video clips and animations.

Johan Rijpma (1984) studied at the University of the Arts at Utrecht (Faculty of Image and Media Technology); his first short production Tegels (Tiles, 2’) came out in 2008 as an animation study of the ‘hidden movements and melodies of tiles’.

Rijpma discusses his films, the underlying processes, premises and sources of inspiration. He attaches great importance to fundamental materials and generating unpredictable results. The presentation ends with a preview of a workshop he and Carola Rombouts (Traditional Graphic Techniques and Experimental Animation) will be offering at the KLIK! Festival – dovetailing with the ‘stone, scissors, paper’ theme of this year’s KLIK! Festival (see below)

The program has been curated in collaboration with KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival.

division_still1 division_still2

Photos from “Division” (J. Rijpma, 2012)

More about Rijpma’s filmography here:


Animation & Ink – 30 October h 19-21, EYE studio, cost: 15 euro

Expect the unexpected in this workshop by visual artists Johan Rijpma and Carola Rombouts.

You’ll get a hands-on experience of experimental creative processes by tinkering with a number of printing techniques. Adding the factor of time as an extra dimension to the craft of printmaking, you’re encouraged to discover new and unexpected forms and movements in the wonderful medium of animation.




Photos from the workshop:

workshop johan2













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