10 November h 19.15 – Eye on Art on Edvard Munch and his films


Munch: Self-portrait with the Spanish Flu, 1919.

EYE on Art organizes an evening on Edvard Munch which includes the screening of a short film made by Munch in 1927 and films that inspired the Norwegian painter. Edwin Becker, Head of Exhibitions at  the Van Gogh Museum, will perform on the piano that evening and speak about Munch in connection with film. The evening is organized as part of the ‘Munch : Van Gogh’ exhibition in the Van Gogh Museum.


Munch: Separation, 1896.

In the summer of 1927 Edvard Munch made a short film, a sort of home movie avant la lettre, which is now showing in EYE. The programme also features fragments of films Munch saw or may have seen. The Norwegian painter watched films in the cinema of his friend Halfdan Nobel Roede in Moss, where he was living from 1913 to 1916; Roede also organized exhibitions of Munch’s work in the lobby of his cinema. The story goes that Munch and his dog watched Chaplin’s films together in Roede’s cinema. The dog would start barking when he no longer enjoyed the film, after which the two would leave the cinema. Munch probably also went to cinemas in Oslo to see films from the First World War; it is very likely that he also saw films by expressionist filmmakers when he was in Berlin in the 1920s.


Munch: Cupid and Psyche, 1907.

Discover here more about Edvard Munch’s life and his artistic developments:






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