8 DECEMBER – The Scream-Researchlab KABK + Il grido

Weronika Jonak
The Raven, 1′

Books and reality and art are the same kind of thing for me” – Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother, February 1883
Thou shalt write thy own life” – the first of Kristiania bohemian circle’s “9 commandments”

A piece of art is born in an artist’s mind, where he himself sets the boundaries between the
real and imaginary. In this reflection lies the source of my short animated movie – „The
Raven”. Afterwards, I would like to present you the excerpt from Akira Kurosawa’s „Dreams”
in which an art student meets van Gogh inside of his paintings. This movie shows a very
personal approach of one great artist to another, as it is based on dreams Kurosawa claims
to have had repeatedly.




Rescripting my memories – Samuel Otte (4′)

Rescripting my memories is about my memories about my mother. I remember her as a dark, depressed woman, but maybe this is not the whole truth. Anyhow, I don’t want it to be the whole truth, so I decided to rescript my memories.
Some years ago my father died and my brother found some old super-8 material my father shot when I was a child, the time I had these experiences that consolidated into my memories. I searched this material for shots of my mother and contextualised them by found footage from the
Eye archive, in order to create new memories to add to the existing memories (and maybe even replace them when I am ready for it).
My first inspiration for this film is this painting of Edward Munch ‘The dance of life’. In this painting (as in many of his paintings) Munch shows three women. The white, distant, virgin, pure one, from the sea. In the middle the red one, the eros, the woman that makes contact, that touches, that is ‘really there’. At the right you see the dark, needing, depressed, dying one.
Three of the four chapters in my film are about these three types of women.

My second inspiration is the work of Barbara Meter. We will show her film Ariadne after my film. A film about a woman of who we won’t see her face, only her restless feelings through turning wheels and wires.





Immerge by Alessandra Sampalean (4′)

Imagine yourself discovering the perfect place where every detail is idealistic. However, have you ever wonder how humans would react to perfection? That ideal place is an up side down reality and maybe people would start acting insane, delusional.

The idea started from my lack of feelings when seeing great landscape paintings. I’ve started wondering what would happen if I would spend hours in front of a landscape (painting) till I understand it. Immerge is a visualization of this experiment. The film is created from found footages from the Eye archive.

The painting that inspired me most is The Scream by Edvard Munch and the audio was created inspired by feelings of insanity, anxiety and scary.


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