15 December – Weather Report (Dark Ecology approach)

To mark the international climate conference taking place in Paris  from 30 November to 11 December, EYE on Art will be programming a special evening together with Sonic Acts, featuring films from EYE’s own collections, new work by artists participating in the Dark Ecology research project and a lecture. The link in this cinematographic weather report is climate change, seen from the perspective of ‘Dark Ecology’. A climate agreement involves a lot more than the monitoring of CO² emissions.


What is required is a radical revision of the relationship between us humans and the planet we live on. Those of us who are truly ecologically conscious, no longer position man in the centre of attention, and think beyond the distinction between ‘green’ nature (i.e. good and beautiful) and polluting culture. In the Dark Ecology project which has been initiated by Sonic Acts in collaboration with curator Hilde Methi and partners in the subarctic Barents Region, artists and theoreticians examine the interconnectedness between man, nature, culture, economy, politics, industry and technology.


Ecology isn’t simply ‘clean’ and ‘green’, it’s really rather ‘dark’ and pretty dim. They take their cue from developments in the Barents Region, where the effects of climate change have been obvious for a long time, where large-scale economic speculation based on progressive global warming is taking place, and where the natural environment is seriously compromised. The term ‘Dark Ecology’ is derived from Timothy Morton, whose ideas have been a source of inspiration.

Please find here a list of texts and explainations regarding the Dark Ecology philosophy and related theories: http://www.darkecology.net/dark-ecology-reading-list


Durig this evening in EYE, artists will be screening films that focus on the climate and thematically related films from EYE’s collections (Visscherij in de Poolstreken, 1923 + Den Store Gronlands, 1922 by Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen), with live music by Benny Nilsen. Introduction by Rosa Menkman. Lecture by HC Gilje. Language: English.


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