5 February: Jan van Eyck Academy: Screen Matter

Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands (31 January through 22 May 2016) is Opening with a festive event on Saturday the 30th of January in EYE Filmmuseum. You are all very welcome to this celebration at h 20.30 in the Eye Arena. This group exhibition features numerous recent film and video works and spatial installations by a new generation of filmmakers and artists in the Netherlands, who are breaking down the barriers between film, video and visual art.

close up

The first Eye on Art Researchlab, Screen Matter, will have its Opening also on the 30th of January! The projects of other Researchlabs will be shortly introduced during the evening in Room at the Top in Eye from h 21.00 until h 00.00.
About Screen Matter

The Screen Matter research group is concerned with moving image as it embodies the intersection between material and virtual spaces. The group is composed of five current participants at the Jan van Eyck Akademie: Alessandro Bertelle, Daniel Jacoby, Graham Kelly, Urok Shirhan.

Screen Matter proposes an understanding of the screen as a moment of transition between virtual and material states. Moving image is seen here as infinitely malleable and fractured material dislocated from any single source, awaiting activation within specific contexts and parameters. In this regard we will  engage with EYE as an extension of the screen, creating new points of departure by using material from the archive combined with our own contributions towards new arrangements and interpretations. Here, EYE functions as a material embodiment and selection filter for multiple timelines and potential narratives.
The program on the 5th of February at h 19.15 will be composed of a multi-channel film installation in the exhibition space accompanied by a performative lecture program with contributions by Alessandro Bertelle, Graham Kelly and Beny Wagner.

Works in the Screen Matter exhibition:

EYE’N’I: an underwater xtravaganza by Alessandro Bartelle, 4-channel installation, no sound

A series of monologues set in future submarine topographies; a dystopic fairy tale about mythical characters, the evolution of their visual organ-s and the influence it had on the perception of their inner selves and umwelt-s; a voyage of Godelian’s strange loops and Mortonian’s hyper-objects.


Grid Room (featuring De Dierenmarsch by George Debels) by Daniel Jakoby, 2016, 4:06 min, 4:3, no sound, b/w

Shot from the 15th floor of a hotel in downtown Sao Paulo, several athletes play football, basketball and roller skate around a humungous three-floor sports arena. By means of a fast flickering, a 1931 animation by Dutch artist George Debels titled De Dierenmarsch (The March of the Animals) is juxtaposed. The grids that define both rooms merge into an ungraspable perspective, creating the illusion that both animals and athletes interact in the same space.

Daniel Jacoby - Grid Room 0332

City-Film-Nieuws no. B11, Metamorphose by Graham Kelly, 2016, colour, 16:9, sound

This new work acts as a fragmented transition between two excerpts taken from films within the EYE archive. The original digitised film footage has been altered to depict figures escaping from the frame as one scene fades into the other. The resulting sequence sets out to question the permanence of visual documents in relation to the changing media and structures that seek to preserve them.


‘Watani Al Akbar’ (‘My Greater Homeland’) by Urok Shirhan, 2015, 11’49”, colour, 4:3

This is a ventriloquist intervention in the 1960 operetta ‘Al Watan Al Akbar’ (‘The Greater Homeland’). Originally composed by Mohammad Abdel Wahab and sung by leading Arab singers of the time, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sabah, Fayza Kamel, Shadia, Warda and Nagat. It is considered to be the anthem of Pan Arabism as advocated by Gamal Abdel Nasser, then president of Egypt. In this video, Urok Shirhan takes on the voices of the operetta’s protagonists. Originally commissioned by Ibraaz. Supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

U Shirhan_Watani Al Akbar_2

More about the Eye on Art Researchlabs taking place in the Close-Up exhibition

Every two weeks, an academy will organize a presentation in a specially reserved space in the exhibition. Most of these presentations will feature the results of an extensive study, and may include material from the EYE collection. Students will present their work on a series of Tuesday evenings, and it will then remain on show for two weeks.

Fr 5 februari 19:15, in the exhibition: Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht: Screen Matter
Tue 16 februari 19:15, in the cinema 2 and then in the exhibition: Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam: Bodies
Tue 01 maart 19:15, in the cinema 2 and then in the exhibition: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht & Universiteit van Amsterdam: Enjoy Your Entertainment !
Tue 15 maart 20:30, in the exhibition: ArtEZ, Arnhem: Machine Room
Tue 29 maart 19:15, in the exhibition: Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam: Ahistoric Vacuum
Tue 12 april 19:15, in the exhibition: Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam: Boundaries of the Archive
Tue 26 april 19:15, Master St. Joost Academie, Breda, in the exhibition: There Is Something About My Family
Tue 10 mei 19:15, Master Nederlandse Filmacademie, Amsterdam, in the exhibition


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