24 May Research Lab – A Sensorium of Cinematic Apparatuses


Following the March 2016 launch of the EYE / Amsterdam University Press publication, Exposing the Film Apparatus, this evening programme will take as inspiration the objects, histories and technologies used in the making of moving images that are preserved in the EYE Collection. Opening up the EYE Collection through an interactive and multisensory lens, the students of the UvA MA seminar Curating the Moving Image will present and consider the apparatuses and craft of creating and exhibiting moving images.

By framing the body as a central apparatus of the experience of moving image and investigating constitutions of viewing, hearing, touching, smelling and even tasting, a redefinition of certain values of what is or has been important in experiencing cinema in its many forms and formats can be drawn. We invite viewers to come and experience some of the sensuous iterations of moving image practices throughout their histories, and in doing so, reflect on changes and connections between apparatuses of the past and present.

In preparation for the research lab, the students learn in the MA seminar to reflect on the specific demands of presenting moving images and sound, and learn to combine theoretical study of the process of curating with a practical activity utilizing these skills. They will reflect in their upcoming blog posts on a particular aspect of the themes in the required theoretical readings or on the development of the curated EYE on Art evening.

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