5 and 6 June h 19.15 – Stop Acting Now – Extended Edition Wunderbaum


What will happen after the crisis? This was the question Wunderbaum took as their starting point for a series of performances entitled The New Forest, a four-year search for new forms of community. Neither utopia nor dystopia, The New Forest, according to project partner and sociologist Willem Schinkel, is a heterotopia, a place from which to view the world in a different way. Moving between reality and fiction, the project explores the process of change.

As the finale to their project The New Forest, Wunderbaum have made a film in which the artists collective stop play-acting and start acting for real. Director Mijke de Jong follows the actors in their frantic efforts to radically change the world. Their idealist projects range from developing an app for urban gardeners to creating a space for sad stories, the ‘Bar of Tears’. But their ideas are not as easily realised as they initially thought. Stop Acting Now– extended editon features a theatrical aftertalk following the screening of the film, with the former actors reviewing the turbulent events depicted in the film. What have they achieved with their social commitment and idealism? Have they returned to the stage? Are they actually still together as a group?



Wunderbaum are a Dutch-Flemish actors’ collective who create performances dealing with current issues, mainly on location but also in the theatre. Usually they write their own scripts based on research; occasionally they commission authors to write for them. Wunderbaum have performed in the Netherlands as well as abroad, including the United States, Iran. Scandinavia and Brazil.

The program is part of the Holland Festival.

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