20 December – Rosa Barba: Artist Talk

Rosa Barba will be present this evening to talk about her films, in which landscape, architecture and science coalesce. EYE’s current exhibition Celluloid features a number of film installations by the Italian artist Barba, who now lives in Berlin.

In addition to a surprise film by Rosa Barba, the programme offers the following films by the artist:

They Shine
Rosa Barba, 2007, 4′
In the Mojave Desert in California there are thousands of huge solar panels that follow the sun. They Shine registers their movement like a slow dance based on a sophisticated choreography, punctuated by the comments of local people about these strange devices. The desert is not only a place that is harnessed scientifically, it also evolves itself into a ‘second nature’.

barba they shine.jpg
The Long Road
Rosa Barba, 2010, 6’
This film, too, was shot in the Mojave Desert, where Barba filmed a race track from the air. It was in use for only a few weeks before it was permanently closed, and now looks like a monument from the past. With music by Jan St. Werner and a spoken text by Robert Creeley.

Rosa Barba, 2011, 19’
The basis of this film is a short novel by Johannes Kepler, in which the German astronomer provided a detailed description of what the earth might look like seen from the surface of the moon. Although Kepler presented his account like a dream, it was designed to demonstrate that the earth revolves around the sun, a highly controversial idea at the time.  Barba shot her film on reclaimed land designated as an extension of Maasvlakte, the industrial port and site near Rotterdam: a surrealist, outlandish and desolate futuristic landscape.

A Private Tableaux
Rosa Barba, 2010, 7’
Rosa Barba aims her camera at a series of drawings on the dimly lit walls of a tunnel system, where construction workers and engineers left chalk markings.




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