14 February – Artist’s Moving Image

Selected Moving Images program presents eight Dutch short experimental films from 2015-2016, which have been recently included in the EYE experimental film collection.  EYE promotes and distributes these works to international film festivals and makes them available for screening.

Most of the filmmakers will be present for a Q&A. The evening ends with a Q&A and premiere of the installation Soil in my Pocket by Ellert Haitjema and Judith Quax in EYE’s arena and its facade.

Films in this programme:

elli (ester urlus, nl 2016) 8 min. 16mm, no dialogue

Calm shots of a seascape also examine optical colour mixing using  various flicker effects. Shot on the exact spot in Greece that marked the country’s entrance into World War II.Elli is filmed in a fixed camera position overlooking the sea. The changing reflection of the light on the water visualizes that time passes. It’s a seascape totally indifferent to the violence that took place and its role it played in history.


three dimensions of time (pim zwier, nl 2016)14 min, no dialogue

Three moments in time are captured in three layers of coloured imagery shown simultaneously. Combined, the layers form normal full-colour images of the elements  through time. Simultaneously transitory elements – animals, people, machines – move through these scenes in single colours, leaving only a brief trace, as if they’re memories or ghosts who have left behind their past, present or future.


falling frames (johannes langkamp, nl 2015) 1min. no dialogue

Falling Frames is the first fragment of a series in which Langkamp explores the framing and visualization of three-dimensional perspective through the two-dimensional medium video, both technically as well as conceptually.


hotel forum (arianne olthaar, nl 2016) 9 min. no dialogue

The film is inspired by the once huge and luxurious hotels in the former Eastern Bloc designed in the 1970s and 80s. Today their glamour is considered out of date, therefore most of the hotels have been shut down, renovated or demolished.

Hotel Forum still01.jpg

liquid solid (nicky assmann and joris strijbos, nl 2016) 7 min. no dialogue

Liquid Solid explores the cinematic qualities of a freezing soap film. The footage for the film was shot during a residency in the sub-Arctic region of Finland. The single channel video Liquid Solid focusses on the conditions where the temperatures are around -20 degrees Celsius and all colour has disappeared from the soap film, it shows a precise montage of the accelerated freezing process of the soap films during which ice crystals grow into complex fractal-like patterns.


three wavelengths (mikko keskiivari, nl/fi 2016) 9 min. Finnish spoken, English subtitled

In a small village in the Finnish countryside there’s a TV-tower that resonates in the wind, in three different frequencies. This land mark plays a central role in Three Wavelengths, a short documentary video, exploring ideas of scale, distance and  perception through a dialogue between two different perspectives in two different times, connected through the physical space and the family relation of the main characters.


thirty-second love songs (kimmo virtanen, nl 2016) 10 min. English spoken

Love is a human condition remarkably well suited for getting people into trouble with one another. “Thirty-Second Love Songs” is an animated short film contemplating the earthly issues of a divided family. The story is seen from the perspective of outer space and narrated in second person using tree pruning instructions as a metaphor  for domestic peacekeeping.

Thirty-Second Love Songs HD still 02.jpg

de eenzame eenheid (carlijn fransen, nl 2016)  11 min. no dialogue

The coffee table smokes a cigarette, the floor lamp looks over the shoulder of the lonesome boss laying on her sofa. In a series of short surrealistic vignettes, the viewer is invited into an inward-facing world. Themes as loneliness and oppression will be addressed in a on first sight light manner. Seen after each other the scenes create one storyline; a glimpse of an absurd yet maybe ordinary day in the life of main character Carlijn Fransen.eenzame_eenheid


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