Rise and Shine! This Must Be Happiness – UvA/Piet Zwart Institute Research Lab (28 February, h 21)


Untitled (2017) (Fabian Landewee)

An evening in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and the Piet Zwart Institute to celebrate, challenge and contradict the age-old question of happiness. The programme will feature 14 original film and artworks presented by young researchers and artists who ask you tonight, are you happy?

The pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right, a right that we pursue without trepidation over the course of our lives. Happiness and happy lives are the measure of the good life. And yet, when we look around the modern world it becomes clear that there are lots of different happinesses. Happinesses that conflict and contradict, that make wars and not-good lives, happinesses that seem to deny what happiness is.
But do we even know what happiness is?

And Still (Lucy Benjamin)

Maybe there is no happiness. As long as there is more than one person on earth there will always be conflicting pursuits of happiness. Over the course of two hours, 9 artists from the Piet Zwart Institute and 6 researchers from the University of Amsterdam will present to the EYE audience each of their own reflections on happiness. They will ask what it means to be happy in this modern world, and explore various facets of happiness.
Delving into the implications of catastrophic climate change, societal expectations and the ferocity of capitalism, 14 artworks and short films will be presented that show the very disparate pursuits of happiness we all recognize. What inspires us and motivates us, what confuses and challenges us, are all themes that will be taken up in each project.

Fortunewood / Just Jake (Irma Oldenburg)

We have pursued happiness for all our lives but only tonight will our true reflections on this happy question be presented to the EYE audience, so that you too might come to reflect on this ‘inalienable right’.
The topic of happiness was suggested to us by the teachers who guided us through this project: Maryn Wilkinson (UvA) and Simon Pummell (PZ).

Lake Swan (Sigrun Lydsdottir)

The programme

World Peace, a photographic installation by Paula Winkler

Fortunewood, an audiovisual installation by Irma Oldenburg

Naturalmente, a live video installation by Catalina Echavarria

Just Plug In, a film by Deniz Gülsoken and Vivan de Bruijn

The Pursuit of Happiness, a film by Tom Owens

Unattributed Stimulations of Objects, a film by Qian Hao

Lake Swan, a film by Sigrun Lydsdottir

And Still, a film by Lucy Benjamin

Static Glow, a film by Ryan Cherewaty

Figure Study, a film by Anna Lena Lystad

When the Water Sings, a film by Katiana Castang and Maaike van Helden

Just Jake, a film by Irma Oldenburg

Morning Routine, a film by Chloe Xu

Untitled (2017), a film by Fabian Landewee


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