February 2017 Researchlabs

Here the statement of the Jury (Mark-Paul Meyer, Eye film senior curator, Claartje Opdam, Eye exhibition project manager, Edith van der Heijde, Eye experimental film distributor):


Best Film award

The award for the best films goes to Le Macaour by Roman Ermolaev, Rietveld Academie. Both image and sound of this film are very powerful and the film is an excellent contribution to the theme of the Rietveld program, Neuropower. The film stood out in artistic quality, in imagination and visualization, rhythm, sound and use of the specificity of the medium. The film reminds of early cinema (Emille Cohl) but is at the same time very contemporary and therefore timeless. It succeeds in bridging the gap between the history of cinema and modern art practice through the imaginative power of image and sound and the way of exploring the characteristics and the materiality of the medium. The music by Tancrède Derijard-Kummer is equally remarkable and a fundamental contribution to the success of the film.

Best curated programme award

Two of the five programs stood out in investigating in a thorough and consequent way the theme of their program and in the way they ‘translated’ their findings and productions into a program: the program of Piet Zwart/UvA and the KABK program. The jury decided to award the KABK program with the award because the concept of the programme was explored with cinematographic means and successfully transformed in a theatrical programme. The jury appreciated the stronger focus on the cinematographic quality of the films and the programme as a whole. The films were all clearly related to the over-all theme of ‘Trance and Moving Image’ and contributed in their own way to the artistic investigation and the presentation of the theme. Some excellent films contributed to the success of this programme and the jury wants to mention explicitly TRAIL, FILM (Kin Mun Chong), IN TRANCE-PORT (Sophie Daalman) an NEEM WINBANK (Tess de Graaf). Also the choice of the Nathaniel Dorsky film was appreciated and contributed to the concept and a rounded programme.

The Research Labs in EYE on Art on 28 February and 16 May provide scope for a new generation of curators and artists to hone their skills. In these Research Labs, students from ten art academies and universities put together a programme involving their own work and films (including remixes) from EYE’s collection. The Research Labs do not follow a strict format and often result in a cultural crossover between film and other art forms. On 28 February and 16 May EYE will award a prize for the two best projects in collaboration with Heineken H41.


h 14.30 -15.45 NEUROPOWER – The Rietveld Academy Research Lab

h 16.15-17.15 ON MIGRATION – The St. Joost Academy Research Lab

h 17.45-18.45  para-real: the future is present – The Sandberg Institute Research Lab

h 19.30-20.30 TRANCE AND MOVING IMAGE – The Royal Academy of Art The Hague Research Lab

h 21-23 RISE AND SHINE! THIS MUST BE HAPPINESS – UvA +  the Piet Zwart Institute  Research Lab

Scroll down for more information about the single programs, and up for some documentation and reviews.


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