4 April – Fred Kelemen, Artists Talk + screening Verhängnis (Fate, 1994)

In his films Béla Tarr uses extremely long shots in which the camera ‘explores’ a space or a landscape very slowly. Tarr’s regular cameraman, Fred Kelemen, talks about his collaboration with the Hungarian director and presents fragments from his work.

Fred Kelemen (born 1964, Berlin) is a European film and theater director, cinematographer and writer. He studied painting, music, philosophy, science of religions and theater before attending the German Film & TV Academy in Berlin from 1989 to 1994. His debut film Fate in 1994 received the German National Film Award. He has also directed Frost (1997/98), Nightfall (1999) and Fallen (2005), each drawing international attention and numerous awards.

Verhängnis (Fate, 1994, Germany, 80 min)

The paths of people from various countries cross during the course of one night. They speak different languages, but they are fatefully bound together by the solitary quest for happiness and deliverance. Sloping paths are all that’s left for them in an age of lost perspectives, lost refuges and lost homelands. They sink deeper with every movement that should be liberating them. Every gesture of love becomes a gesture of humiliation. The desperate dance of their life has become a passionate dance of death.
In the centre of this centrifuge at the end of the millennium the Russian emigrant Valery and his lover Ljuba are turning around each other in a nocturnal round dance of desire and pain, hope and violence and the indestructible will to survive

“In minute long takes that preserve the real time of the events, an artificial existence is acted out before the ruthless eye of the camera which has the courage to observe. An existence which, by its directness and veracity, seems to transform into real life.” (Krasimir Krumov).


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