9 May – FIBER Festival: Alchemical Visions

A double edition of EYE on Art on behalf of FIBER Festival, including a special on film and alchemy.


Alchemical Visions is the title of a cinematic trip that will initiate the audience into the alchemists’ time-honoured quest to transform matter. An evening with Professor of Film Studies Patricia Pisters, architect/artist Füsun Türetken, filmmaker Karel Doing, media artists TeZ and Tarik Barri and sound artist Mark IJzerman.

Alchemical Visions is an introduction to the FIBER Festival (11-14 May). This year’s theme is the relationship between art and alchemy.

For more than four thousand years, alchemists have been working to transform matter, recording their experiments in word and image. They constantly tried to fathom the fundamentals of nature, with the transmutation of base metals into pure ones as their main – symbolical – goal.

pisters film

Nowadays there is a renewed interest in alchemy, in the way the art has been perceived and in the different ways of observing matter.  Like the alchemists of old, artists and filmmakers speculate and experiment with new materials. They experiment with natural processes, visualise the behaviour of matter on a nanoscale and show us show our contemporary society is still inextricably bound up with the transmutation of precious metals.

The programme includes experimental films by Patricia Pisters, Professor of Media and Film Studies,  architect/artist Füsun Türetken, media artists Tarik Barri and TeZ and filmmaker Karel Doing. Mark IJzerman rounds off the evening with his audiovisual tape loop performance Presque Vu.


  • Emerald Transmutations (2016), 19’00”, Ian Magor, D.N. Rodowick, Jacques Perconte, Polly Stanton, David Verdeure, Rosa Menkman, Patricia Pisters
  • Alchemic Dialogue. On The Most Powerful Catalyst On The Planet (2017), 10’00”, Füsun Türetken (TR/NL) – Fellow Het Nieuwe Instituut)
  • PLASM (2015), 10’00”, TeZ (IT/NL)
  • Matter of Perspectives (2017), 18’00”, Tarik Barri (NL)
  • Wilderness Series (2016), 13’38”, Karel Doing (NL)
  • Performance: Presque Vu (2016), 20’00”, Mark Ijzerman (NL)

Patricia Pisters, Füsun Türetken, Tarik Barri and Karel Doing will introduce their films.



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