The Winners of the Researchlabs May 2017

Jury: Mark-Paul Meyer, Eye film senior curator, Tessa Janssen, Eye producer & Edith van der Heijde, Eye experimental film distributor.

Jury’s statement:

Best curated program

The three programs that were presented May 16, 2017 as part of the Eye on Art Researchlab were all interesting and well received.

The program of the students of the University of Amsterdam was remarkable for its highly original choice of archive films and the way how these films were carefully programmed and contextualized by means of poetry, an interval and a performance (how to iron a shirt). The opinion of the jury was however that the program wandered too far away from original topic – the City Symphony –  and that this was insufficiently justified by the specification ‘extended’.

The program of the VJ Acadamy stood out in the quality and originality of the individual works of the students. Skills in visuals, graphics and sound design were convincingly demonstrated and combined in a program that was fascinating and entertaining.  Although the separate works were ingeniously brought together under the denominator of “Innerspace”, the diversity of the program revealed also the feebleness of the program as a curated unity.

The prize of the best curated program goes to the University of Leiden for their program “Expectations of the Cinematic Space”. The jury appreciated that the program investigated and presented different aspects of ‘cinematic space’, using films from the EYE archive, contemporary films and a remix of archival footage and newly made footage. The choice of some of the films contributed to the capacity of the program to make the spectator think of different aspects of the cinema and cinematic space and the jury felt that there was a great deal of urgency and originality in the way the topic was investigated and translated into an interesting and entertaining program.

Best original work

The prize of the best original work was attributed to Robin van Creij (VJ Academy and AKV|St.Joost) for his installation Sentient Chandelier. Using the Bits & Pieces from the EYE archives as source material, Robin created an installation that artistically played with the concept of the ‘fragment’ in a 3-dimensional work that is playful, interactive and communicative. The realization of the work was carefully done with great attention for detail and quality. The Sentient Chandelier is imaginative and highly original and is exemplary for artistic use of archival footage to create new meanings and experiences. The jury considered this especially interesting in the context of EYE as an institute for the promotion and presentation of archive films. This installation therefore coincides very well with the objectives and framework of EYE.

Video documentation of Sentient Chandelier.


Some photo documentation of the program of the University of Amsterdam:

Some photo documentation of the program of the Leiden University:


Some photo documentation of the program of the VjAcademy:

Video documentation of VjAcademy’s Researchlabs.

Also here you can find: video of Serina’s work; video of Nienke’s works; video of Henk’s work; video of Ginna’s work.

Kopie van VjExamen EYE 2017 Robin en Jurymde

Kopie van VjExamen EYE 2017 Robins werk overzicht



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