6 June – Was will das Weib? Das Weib will

Artist Melanie Bonajo compiled a programme on female desire, focusing especially on desire as expressed by strong and independent women. Bonajo shows work by Carole Schneemann, Valie Export, Mae West and others.


Melanie Bonajo (1978) has attracted attention in recent years with her installations, videos, photography, documentaries and events. The intimacy between people, their feelings of isolation in today’s ultratechnological digital world and the lives of people surviving on the margins of society are prominent themes in her work.

For Cinema Erotica (EYE, 1-19 June) Bonajo explores desire, specifically female desire. What do women want? All kinds of things, as transpires from the fragments she has selected. The programme includes short films by Fluxus artist Carole Schneemann (only recently distinguished with the Venice Biennale’s Lifetime Achievement Award) and the Austrian performer Valie Export; she will also present fragments from the films of ‘man tamer’ Mae West, as well as her own short film Pee on Presidents (NL, 2012, 4’).

Bonajo invited Izabelle Finch to enact the performance ‘Pussy Tutorial’, while there is also live music by FUZ (Bonajo’s band with Joseph Marzolla), who will be presenting a 15-minute mini concert.


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