ARCHIVE – the previous edition of E*cinema academy 2012/13

Dear readers please find here the list of our previous meetings of E*cinema academy in EYE. This particular series, involving the participation of different universities and academies, exists since 2012. By the opening and reading of the single hand-outs you can get a better idea of the curatorial approaches adopted in every episode and consult the list of the screened films.

First edition of E*cinema academy: September 2012-June 2013.


11 September 2012, h 19.00, EYE: Absolute Film and Dada Film (1921-28)
25 September, h 19.00, EYE: VU University Amsterdam presents FLUX FILM
9 October, h 19.00, 21.00, EYE: Surrealism (1928-34)
30 October, h 19.00, EYE: Netherlands Film and Television Academy presents: Sound as Author
13 November, h 19.00, EYE: Filmliga (1927-33)
27 November, h 19.00, EYE: Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presents: Between Absurdity and Reality
18 December, h 19.00, EYE: Play of Light
18 December, h 21.00, EYE: Utrecht University presents Hans Richter
8 January, h 19.00, 21.00, EYE: Film Poetry
22 January, h 19.00, EYE: Utrecht School of the Arts presents EXPANDED AUDIENCE program
12 February, h 19:15, EYE: Beat era (1950s)
26 February, h 19:15, EYE: Live Visuals Through the Ages, curated and presented by the Royal Academy of Art, ArtScience Interfaculty
12 March, h 19:15, EYE: Pop Film/Famous for Fifteen Minutes (1960s)
12 March, h 21:30, EYE: San Diego Surf (Andy Warhol, 1968), finally released after 45 years!
21-26 March, EYE: Shirley Clarke special
2 April, h 19:15, EYE: Is it Moving? curated and presented by AKV|St. Joost, Master of Photography
7 & 8 April, EYE: Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo special
9 April, h 19:15, EYE: Heyday of the Film Collectives: London 1960s and 1970s by Guy Sherwin
23 April, h 19:15, EYE: De Appel Curatorial Programme
14 May, h 19:15, EYE: Vienna in Revolt (1960s and 1970s)
18 May, h 19:15 & 21:15, EYE: Cinema of Cruelty and Mara Mattuschka special
28 May, h 19:15, EYE: Medical Experimental, curated and presented by the University of Amsterdam (Master’s programme in Presentation and Preservation of the Moving Image) and the Rietveld Academy
10 June, h 19:15, EYE: Dutch avant-gardes (from 1960 to 1980)
25 June, h 19:15, EYE: Exploring the Black Box
25 June, h 21.15, EYE: Der Lauf der Dinge (Peter Fischli and David Weiss, 1986–1987) with live music by EKE

Please find here the hand-outs of the specific programs with more details:

Hand Out Beat Era

Hand Out Black Box and EKE

Hand Out Expanded Audience

Hand out Guy Sherwin

Hand Out Lichtspel

Hand out Mara Mattuschka

Hand out Dutch avant-gardes

Hand Out Medical Exp

Hand Out Photo lecture-St. Joost Academy

Hand Out Polish Avant-garde-Pawel Pokutycki

Hand Out pop

Hand Out Shirley Clarke

Hand Out Surrealism

Hand Out VJ-Joost Rekveld